Our Staff

Will Warren

Will Warren

Senior Pastor

Will grew up in Kentucky and brings his Southern charm and rugged outdoorsy handsomeness to CCLG. He has been the Senior Pastor since 2010. You “might-could” have seen his wife Jamie who is the worship leader at CCLG and they have two sons, Brodie and Gradie. 

Before Will was at CCLG he was probably a rodeo clown or some other colorful character. Will prefers salty food to sweets. So that’s a heads up if you’re thinking of getting him a treat. And if he has to have candy go fruity not chocolatey.

Chris Weeks

Chris Weeks

Youth Pastor

Chris loves teaching students about Jesus. He grew up in Lemon Grove and is excited to serve in his hometown. Chris wears a lot of hats at CCLG and can probably point you in the right direction when you have a question. (It’s Nancy… that’s who you want to ask. Not Chris)

He loves to play music and watch baseball.  He is married to Alison and they have two sons, Jude and Theo. Chris is also employed in the Lemon Grove School district as a Special Education Aide.

Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner


I am blessed to get to work for my church in a creative capacity as the Publicist.  And it’s just frosting on the cake to work with an awesome (and crazy!) group of people!

I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree from Purdue University in Consumer and Family Sciences, and enjoy all things creative!  My work experience has included coordinating educational conferences, college recruiting, secretarial support, teaching, and now publications.  My work in publications gives me great joy because I get to be creative!

 I met the love of my life, Bryce, while attending  the Purdue Christian Campus House in West Lafayette, Indiana.  We tied the knot and headed to California and have been living our adventure and serving Jesus together ever since. 


We believe God is in the life-changing business.


We are called to connect together in community.


We want to do our best to love God and love others.


We expect growth through worship and study of God’s Word.