Why join illuminate?

We want to develop high school students who think about and act upon their faith in Jesus.

Life Change

Come expecting that your life will not be the same after learning about the sacrifice Jesus made for you because of His love for you.

Casual Atmosphere

We have a casual atmosphere where students can feel free to ask questions and wrestle with doubts about faith and God.

What do we hope to see?

We strive to illuminate the Christian faith and relationship with Jesus. We do this through group life and biblical teaching.

We want students to learn to stand on their own in faith. We do this through asking questions and investing in the lives of our students. The message of Jesus and how we impact the world around us is our main focus.

Changed Life

Connect to Church

Love everyone

Grow in faith

Wednesday Nights

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30 in the Loft (room 504 in Building C) where we will have casual conversation and teaching about Jesus in a small group format

Service Projects

Throughout the year we do various service projects around the church and in the community as a way to show the impact God has on our lives

Church Life

CCLG firmly believes that students are the leaders of the future in the church and they are actively involved in what happens during service

SEP Camp

We participate in SEP Socal a Christian camp located in Pine Valley that promotes biblical teaching for students

What can parents expect?
How can we get involved?

Parents are invited to attend any Illuminate meeting or event but we would prefer if you asked your student if they are comfortable with that first and make sure to communicate with a leader. Parents are also encouraged to attend CCLG’s Men’s and Women’s Bible study happening in Building A. We also have a location for Jr. High Students called Ignite and childcare for younger children as well.

Biblical Teaching
We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word and is the foundation we build on. We want to teach students how to read and apply the teaching in the Bible to their everyday lives.
Radical Faith
Radical is a word that is used to describe a seeds first roots. We want to help establish the roots of Faith in students so that they can begin to navigate their own beliefs.
We hope and strive for a place where students encourage one another along their walk with Jesus. We understand that everyone is not in the same place and we want to help shepherd them along.
A place to belong
Illuminate is open to everyone. We want you to come as you are to explore faith and life with us.
Small Group Setting
Illuminate functions in a small group setting that allows for more direct and personal interactions with leaders and other students. In some ways, it feels like a small family.

About our Youth Pastor

Chris Weeks is a native to the Lemon Grove area. He loves to play guitar and go to the beach. He is married to Alison and they have two sons: Jude and Theodore. Chris wants to see students wrestle with and come to terms with their own faith. He has been serving at CCLG since 2016 and enjoys the students here and can’t wait to meet your student.

Youth Leaders

Lynn Leavitt

Tim Leavitt

Angie Vibbard

Find a place to belong and explore questions about life and faith.

Illuminate is a space free of judgment and allows students to explore life in faith in today’s world. We have a caring staff who want to love your students and disciple them in a Kingdom-minded approach. We welcome open discussion about faith and encourage questions. We don’t have it all figured out but we want to see people rely on Jesus as their hope and future.